Garden City Botanicals

Whiskey & Spice – Bulleit Bourbon


• 100mL
• Organic
• Small batch
• No fixatives
• Handmade in Victoria, BC

Six essential oils blended in a whisky.

Spicy and woodsy, this spray can be used to scent and refresh body and clothes.

The botanicals of this blend were chosen for their warm, grounding, stress relieving, balancing, and antimicrobial properties.

With essential oils, the scent will diffuse and dissipate with wear and time.

A versatile, wearable aromatherapy.

Essential oil based scents don’t have the same force or duration as synthetic fragrance. While essential oils and botanicals smell lovely, they have utility and therapeutic uses beyond their scent.

Spray generously, reapply as needed.

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Garden City Botanicals Whiskey & Spice - Bulleit Bourbon