Perugia, Italy based Mariavittoria Sargentini is a purveyor of conscious dressing.

Having studied art, philosophy, design, and fashion – she points to her time working under Maurizio Altieri at Carpe Diem as the culmination of her educational development. It was there that Marvielab was born, through which she reinterprets the basics of the wardrobe in a series of concept-driven projects.

Individual projects see her deconstructing and reconstructing classic pieces of clothing, studying their form and function, and reinterpreting them through natural, eco-friendly, and trans-seasonal materials.

Mariavittoria sees garments as variable elements, and their wearers as editable forms. Through Marvielab, she offers gender neutral, unisex designs – which find their various personalities via the unpredictable and unique interactions of garment and respective wearer.