Evan Kinori

In an industry typically known for celebrating institutions, houses, and individuals whose history is steeped in nothing but fashion itself – San Francisco based Evan Kinori could not possibly prove more unique.

For many [read: most] outsiders, this world of expensive clothes can prove perplexing – seeming like little more than ostentatious design principles combined with theatrical presentation and marketing to infuse value where it might not actually exist.

Enter one Evan Kinori, whose circuitous path to his present vocation is the very key to understanding the allure of his work. Inspired by the product itself, and the product alone – Evan’s focus is on nothing but the same.

With an already established quiver of silhouettes drawing from an amalgam of utilitarian shapes – Evan continues to evolve his offerings through collaborations with makers the world over.

The refreshing commonality connecting this new breed of maker is an absence of interest in the purportedly pretentious aspects of fashion at large – resulting in a satisfying range of products that are all clothing, no theatre.