Concrete Magnolias 004

May 2nd, 2019

For the final entry in this series of street shots, I wanted to take on two particular challenges - that of successfully styling s.k. manor hill's above-the-knee shorts, and that of capturing the Latino-gangster vibes of Casey Casey's yellow check waga shirt. Whether it be my styling, or Aaron's figure and Jon's eye for composition, I can't be sure - but I think we succeeded rather well regardless.

Here Aaron's wearing s.k. manor hill's pinstripe aloha shirt, a masterfully versatile piece whether you wear shorts, or trousers in the spring/summer months. We whipped out Nicholas Daley's phenomenal garment dyed knit vest again as a base layer in this fit, further emphasizing how well it functions in this role.

The silver double feather chain and silver venetian chain from The Silver Stone fill out the neckline, making the outfit feel more complete.

I fell in love with Casey Casey's yellow check waga shirt immediately upon remarking it in their SS19 showroom. The loudness of the bright yellow is offset wonderfully by the contrasting brown check - and combined with the piece's generously voluminous silhouette we're witness to a quintessentially West Coast vibe. The shirt instantly reminded me of Los Angeles Chicano culture, and likely played a large role in my own re-embracing of such silhouettes in my personal style this season.

Simple white socks, and a simple white tee serve as perfect base layers for such an outfit, complementing the deep brown of Viberg's oxfords, and rich indigo of Evan's pleated denim pants.

Photographer - Jonathan Chow @_chowder
Model - Aaron Snyder @inmyselfitrust
Stylist - Graham Newmarch @_grahamcharles