Concrete Magnolias 003

April 26th, 2019

For the latest entry in this series of film based captures, I wanted to showcase two of my favourite pieces in the shop this season - the bold striped type 100 jacket from New York based designer Dominic Sondag's s.k. manor hill, and the grey suede sneakers from local heritage shoemaker Viberg.

Versatility is key to the practical value of any garment or pair of shoes, regardless of how much visual intrigue any particular item may convey - it is ultimately worthless if it never finds its way into one's rotation.

Both the type 100 jacket from s.k. manor hill, and the suede sneakers from Viberg, manage to strike the perfect balance between these two factors - providing a highly stimulating level of visual intrigue, all while allowing enough versatility to prove easily wearable on a daily basis.

Aaron's outfit is solidly rooted by Paris based designer Casey Casey's dark navy basic long pant, and s.k. manor hill's pinstripe aloha shirt.

I always appreciate any shirt cut to a length that extends beyond one's jacket and/or outermost layer, as it creates a layered look which transitions gracefully through the awkward ether of a man's midsection, - a feat accomplished splendidly by this particular shirt.

Casey Casey's trademarks are colour, and feel - and there's nothing quite as versatile as a proper navy trouser. The washing process these trousers' blend of cotton and linen have been subjected to elevates their comfort properties to a transcendental degree.

Here we see Aaron wearing the Belgian blouson from Casey Casey.

Simplicity does not have to be boring, and it's often the ostensibly simplest pieces which prove the most satisfying - both to own, and ultimately wear.

Again we see how effectively Casey Casey's designs pair in a practical, every-day sense. His colour choices are always rich, yet humble - never appearing so loud as to distract, and always complementing the rest of one's outfit just as any valuable garment should.

Photographer - Jonathan Chow @_chowder
Model - Aaron Snyder @inmyselfitrust
Stylist - Graham Newmarch @_grahamcharles