Concrete Magnolias 002

April 19th, 2019

Aaron and Jon are effortlessly prodigious individuals [frustratingly so], and as such we have more street shots to share with you.

Styled exclusively from our SS19 collections, the boys have done a phenomenal job of capturing the beauty of our inventory and city alike.

Here we see Aaron wearing the hand knitted garment dyed vest, olive green Slygo shirt and Tricker's apron shoe from Nicholas Daley, indigo hemp denim pleated pant and cotton / hemp typewriter cloth handmade cap from Evan Kinori, and cuban wallet chain from The Silver Stone.

Nicholas' garment dyed vest might seem challenging to style, or reserved strictly for the brave of heart.

I would argue this is not true, and one's courage will be greatly rewarded should they welcome it into their wardrobe.

It styles effortlessly underneath a shirt or shirt-jacket, and even when worn on its own - is much less sheer than one might suspect.

It gives me much pleasure to be able to carry Nicholas' collaboration with Tricker's this season [and in future seasons no less], as they are something of a twin soul in the heritage footwear realm to our own Viberg here in Victoria.

Made with the absolute apogee of attention to detail, they are built like tanks - but ultimately more comfortable than said steel-borne vehicles thanks to their satisfyingly thick & cushioned crepe sole.

This venture with Jon & Aaron has proven extremely fruitful, and I look forward to sharing more of their film-based captures with you throughout the coming weeks.

Photographer - Jonathan Chow @_chowder
Model - Aaron Snyder @inmyselfitrust
Stylist - Graham Newmarch @_grahamcharles